Head Teacher Message

Message From Head Teacher

  Message from the Head Teacher    All great ideas begin   with the commitment to the future. It is with this strong commitment to the   quest for excellence in the field of education that Sage Educational Society   founded Sage High School in 2011.  I feel great pride in being a witness   to this process of evolution.  I convey my deep appreciation and   compliment to all those who have strived hard to achieve this wonderful   temple of learning. I am certain that Sage High  School would continue its sincere efforts   towards greater excellence.                         Dr. Praveen Gupta     Let me tell you that   success is merely the result.  It is excellence that creates success and   it is a process of continual improvement.  It is well said that never   run after success.  Let it happen automatically in life.  This will   enable the school to go from strength to strength and make for itself a place   of pride amongst all leading schools of the country.       I wish each student   becomes symbolic of the various manifestations of excellence in academic and   other activities through persistent endeavors during school life.  My   heart felt felicitation and good wishes to Sage High School for   coming years.